Halalopathic Research Unit

“Bereitstellung der Halal-Tayyib-Zertifizierung für Pharma, Gesundheitswesen, Kosmetik, Lebensmittel”


Halalopathic Research Unit


  • To Make Existing Drugs More Effective


  • Create Favourable Circumstances for Cure
  • Generate Connection Between Therapy and Human’s Belief
  • Develop Trust Between Therapy and Patient
  • Enrich Human, Moral, Spiritual and Material values
  • Establish Compatibility System


  • To conduct applied and basic research 
  • Play a significant role in addressing complex Halal issues and    provide solution comply with science and islamic principles  
  • Provide opportunity to establish partnership agreement to tackle common issues with regard to halal education


  • Take food as medicine before taking medicine as food


Halalopathy or permissible therapy is a method of treating disease by the permissible drugs, whilst permissibility represents a compatible relation between therapeutic drug and human beliefs. Halalopathy is characterized by order and work synergistically with the prescribed medication, which can be implemented to various beliefs and lifestyles with the intention to create a favourable circumstance by means of trust, confidence, and entropy.